How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Home

Maintain the cleanliness of a house is really important. It’s a space we sleep in, eat our meals, bath ourselves and do our work. Everyone in the family should take part of cleaning the house, even small tasks. A clean home is a peaceful home where we can enjoy each other’s company while breathing clean air. Every day, you should have a checklist of what to and assign them to every house members, no matter how small they are. The following tips are great start for you who want to maintain the cleanliness of their homes.  


Keeping a Kitchen Clean 

The kitchen is the space where you prepare your food, so there would be a lot of cooking activities there, and dirt. To keep it clean, don’t go to sleep while it’s dirty. Assign someone to do the dishes every after meal. After you wash the dishes, make sure to clean the sink. Clean and sanitize it using soap and dish towel. Rinse with water, this will only take you few minutes to do.  

Once a day, spray the tabletops, stove top and counters with a kitchen cleaner. Wipe using a cloth towel or paper towel. Make sure to clean any stuck-on foods or spots before you do. Again, this will only take some few minutes. Spills and spots can happen to a kitchen, so make sure you inspect the floor. Clean them right away with the same cloth you used on the counter top.  

Keeping a Bathroom Clean 

Clean the mirror regularly; spray a glass cleaner especially if the mirror has spots. Use a cloth towel to wipe down the mirror. Wipe the sink using a cloth even if it doesn’t have any spots. Use the same cloth when wiping the edges of the tub, then the rim and the toilet seat. If you see visible ring on the toilet, brush with a toilet brush. These tasks will only take you less than 2 minutes to do. If you have glass shower doors, spray a cleaner and wipe with a dry cloth.  

Keeping a Bedroom Clean 

One of the easiest things you can do to keep the cleanliness of the bedroom is making the bed. If you have dirty clothes, don’t just put them anywhere. Out them in the dirty clothes hamper. Put the accessories or jewelry in their designated spots. Remove items you don’t need from the nightstand. Put them in a proper place to make the bedroom clutter-free.  

Keeping a Living Room Clean 

Do upholstery cleaning once in a while. The basic is removing books, toys and junks from the sofa. Wipe the table surfaces to remove prints, crumbs and water rings. Use vacuum to pick up food and dirt on the rugs and floor. This will only take you few minutes to clean. Always put away the toys and other items away from the areas they don’t belong. Make your home in its top shape by doing all these cleaning tasks.