5 Tips and Tricks When Repairing Your Garage Door 

The garage door keeps the trouble at bay from keeping your belongings safe from possible thieves and robbers. However, garage doors are not perfect. They have problems of their own especially if they’re aging. There are times when the garage doors warp or refuse to lock. The repair is going to cost you a lot, but you can also do the DIY approach especially if you the tools and experience of repairing one. The following are the basic tips and tricks we want to show you.  

Garage Door

When the Power Goes Out 

If the power is suddenly out and the door was shut, like when you need the car out but you have to commute instead because you’re hurrying. When you get home, inspect the manual override. It is a cord with the red handle. You will notice that it dangles down from the guide track that the garage opener uses to close and open the door. Once that cord is pulled, you can now then close and open the door with your own power.  

Sagging Garage Door 

Once the door gets saggy, it becomes harder to open. Older and wooden garage door models are susceptible to fast wear and tear, just like human beings. If your door is a little saggy, square the door up with the tension rods which are positioned on the door’s back. You can tighten the rods at a turnbuckle so you can straighten out the door. The door will slowly adjust to the change, so you better give it a time. If the doors are not equipped with the tension rods we mentioned, buy some at local stores.  

Frozen Garage Doors 

If you live in an area where the winter season is really cold, the mechanism of your door opener might stiffen. The stiffening will cause the garage to lose power. Older garage doors model which are usually manufactured 15 or 20 years ago have pressure adjustments for lowering and rising. To keep the garage doors running smoothly for years, always check and adjust the settings. You can also hire professionals of Garage Door Repair in Lawrenceville GA to do the maintenance check-up of the garage door.  

Locking the Garage Door 

It’s important to keep the garage safe, so you always have to lock the garage. But there are times that the garage door is not secure and it won’t lock. What lock the door in place are the horizontal bars that move out from the door’s center into the slots along the door’s side. There will be a time that these bars will change positions especially if the doors are used multiple times per day. Realigning the bars means you have to unscrew the guide brackets on the door’s edges. After that, you have to reposition them so the bars would be guided into the locking slots.  

Soaking Up Stains 

If you use the garage to store your vehicle, you might find big oil stain once in a while especially if you work on the car. To soak it up, pulverized a piece of drywall and sprinkle the crumbled ones on the stain. Leave for 12 hours and rinse off the morning after. If there are stubborn stains, you might need to repeat the process.